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Jews for Immigration Reform

The purpose of this site is to give voice to a silent majority of Jews in America who disagree strongly with the open borders, amnesty-for-all doctrine of those who purport to speak for all American Jewry.

The Second World War and the Holocaust were so traumatic to American Jewry that many adopted the belief that if they could force a doctrine of open borders and unquestioned asylum for all races, colors and religions, Jews will never again be turned away from the safety of America's shores.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. The politicizing of the immigration process, by Republicans and Democrats alike, each pandering for the Latino and Asian vote, have made a mockery of the asylum process.

If anything, support for multiculturalism, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens has made matters worse for legal immigrants and legitimate asylum cases. If a massive asylum program for Jews seeking to escape Europe or the Middle East were to be launched today, I believe it would fail.

The head-in-the-sand, mindless, kneejerk response to all things liberal had destroyed the political power of American Jewry. Republicans felt they could safely ignore Jews while Democrats take the Jewish vote for granted.

Fortunately, a political shift has taken place, primarily due to President Bush's unswerving support for the State of Israel. For the first time ever, American Jews voted in strength for a Republican presidential candidate. Since then, conservative Jews, who constitute a growing segment of our American Jewry, have "come out of the closet."

And, amazingly, the American Jewish community is becoming more visible in its effort to develop sensible immigration policy that will serve America's best interests because, at the end of the day, a strong and vital America defending liberty and freedom is the best thing that ever happened to the Jewish people in a thousand years.

This site, hopefully, will demonstrate the rich diversity of thinking in the American Jewish community. We are not all left-wing, bleeding heart socialists. Many of us are quite conservative. And its time we came out of the closet to show the politicians that we cannot be written off or taken for granted.

To make the point, here are some wonderful web sites that show the diversity that exists in American Jewry today:

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